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08 September 2019


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Jay Buddy

So... back to weekly schedule?

Vasily Shabat

27:38 "It was suspected in some corners of the Kremlin..."

Umm, no. Wrong town ))


Hiya Mike, Not sure if ur into gaming, but there's cool history game that just released u should check out: AC Odyssey Discovery Tour - An immersive interactive experience taking place in Ancient Greece allowing u to tour the ancient Peloponnese.
Since ur in Paris, u could maybe consult with Ubisoft to create a Discovery Tour for the French Revolution (AC Unity is a version of the game which takes place in that City). Omigosh that would be like amazing.


Yeah what was happening in the Kremlin between 1700 and 1918 anyway? Just some janitors keeping the place clean?


Which brings us to the question - Why did Napoleon attack Moscow instead of St. Petersburg anyway? I just read the theories of various people about this, but they aren’t consistent. Seems like a questionable move to me, but I’m not a military historian and am wary of second-guessing Napoleon.

John Poole

Moscow was not the objective, the Russian Army was.

But it was highly unlikely Napoleon could have taken a port city in a swamp without control of the sea anyway.

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