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11 August 2019


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Well, if this helps you keep up the steady quality then yes, sir, please take your time.


Here in Italy all you would have to say is "Hey, it's August." Everyone would understand, backs would be slapped, another round would be poured and you might just get up the courage to ask your host for his daughter's hand.


Chill, man, we understand you've got a life. :)


You produce great work that we listen to for free. You don’t need to justify!

Dan Dartington

War and peace? so not a short episode then


Take you time, but I can't wait to hear it!

Ben Kropf

Good call. I support your decision. You're a family man with multiple commitments. Thanks for all you podcast through out all the years.


Agree with all of the above - decisions like those are probably what keeps the quality up. : ) Thanks for all the great episodes!


Just say you’ll release when you feel like it. No point of a schedule when it’s missed over half the time.


Mike, thank you very much for everything you have done. Enjoy your visit home and crank out the next episode when you can. The enjoyment you get from doing the podcasts always comes through. I wouldn’t want you to lose that.

Hello Kitty Genovese

I'm just bummed I did not get to see you in Seattle. Thought about driving up from Portland for that baseball game but it wasn't possible. I'm still in 1848, so like, take your time ... and shut up, Bobby!! Jesus.


Things happen. Best podcast out there. Thanks for all the hard work!

Daniel Tomcheck

Totally understandable. I love this podcast so much, by far the best one out there, that I was bummed when a new one didn’t come out but definitely don’t apologize. The incredible high quality of research and presentation has to take a lot of time and we the listeners appreciate it so much. Can not wait for the new one next week but until then we all have 9 seasons worth of content to re-listen and learn from. Thanks Mike for all you do!


Minor comment on the previous episode, there was a mention that, after Peter death, leaders wanted to return back to "Slavic culture". You probably meant "Russian culture". I am not sure what Slavic culture should mean. Groups of pagan peoples from The Migration Period? I don't they wanted to go that far into the history ;)

I think Russia has a distinctive culture, distinctive from mainstream Europe Latin Christianity based culture; unique mix of European, Central Asian and Byzantine traits, laid out on unique and challenging geography. For example: they had their own architecture styles, not really following on Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance styles of mainland Europe; not until Peter the Great.

Personal bias: I am Czech. Our language falls into Slavic branch of I-E languages, like English into Germanic branch. And that's all about (medieval or modern) Czechs being Slavic. It's like English being part of a "Germanic" culture. Just saying, before someone gets some funky ideas about "Slavic" culture. And not event 40 years of recent Russian occupation didn't change anything fundamental about it.

There were pan-Slavic ideas and movements, trying to find some common grounds between Slavic speaking people like 1948 Prague Slavic Congress in 1848, which was also covered by Mike in his 1948 revolution series. And guess who was there - who else but Bakunin! But those efforts led nowhere. They were revived occasionally, like highly influential early 20th century Czech politician Karel Kramář. And most recently by Putin’s Russia; Russia on expansion course once more, also on cultural one too.


Recommendation for following episodes, as the podcast approaches more modern time and Russia is about to interact with Europe more. English adopted very ambiguous term of “Eastern Europe” so please use it with care.

In English, Eastern Europe can mean roughly 3 different things:

* The Real Eastern Europe: modern day Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus; this counties do share history and I dare to say similar culture: Orthodox Christianity, prevalent Eastern Slavic languages, usage of Cyrillic, troublesome dealing with Mongol/Tartars invaders earlier in the history; unique geography of low density populations, with concentrations around big rivers, etc. To some degree Baltic states belong here too. They share a lot of history and geography, but less culturally.

* The so-called Eastern Europe – eclectic mix of Central European, Balkan and to some extent Baltic states. They have very little in common except that they were occupied by Soviet Union after WWII. For example Czechs or Slovaks didn’t have border with Russia or Soviets until end of WWII. First time Czechs saw Russians, at least since the Migration Period, was probably when Russians chased Napoleon back to France. I am exaggerating here, but only a little; they could see Bakunin in 1948 in Prague for example ;-) It is also geographical nonsense as Greece nor Finland aren’t included.

* Sometimes it also means all previous groups, so-so-called Easter Europe ;) - even more eclectic mix of countries of very different cultures, languages and economies. It is effectively used as synonym for “Eastern Block” (all European communist countries, typically also including Russia) or “Warsaw Pact”. It has a little meaning beyond Cold War but, sadly, is still in wide use.

Please use it with case so listeners know which group you was meant. It is sometimes annoying to hear tourists in Prague surprised that Volga river is nowhere near, that there are are nearly no Orthodox churches, and people very rarely understand Russian. That’s Real Easter Europe for you...

I noticed how another podcaster - Jeff Hogue - is struggling there in his History of the Cold War Podcast; otherwise also excellent podcast, if you are into the more recent history. (http://www.historyofthecoldwarpodcast.com/)


period drama treat: War and Peace

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