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25 August 2019


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Hey, Mike, this is *Russian* history we are talking about. The truth is often the strangest, craziest possible scenario! The Romanovs certainly believed that Kuzmich was Alexander.

More related to today's episode, the same problem faced the Soviet regime with returning Red Army personnel and captives from the West after WWII. People saw that the West was, despite official propaganda depicting it as a capitalist wasteland, ahead in every way. People were thinking that with victory would come better times, better conditions, better everything, that all the hardness was over... and Stalin's subsequent purges can be summed up as preemptively preventing another Decembrist Revolt. The former Orthodox seminarian was nothing if not a student of his own country's history.

Some things never change.

Konstantinos XI Monomachos

Thank you so much for the corrections, Mike!!! Love that you care.

Your overall pronunciation has been great in this series! Your silky-smooth voice is a pleasure to listen to as always, and you can't be expected to produce entirely foreign sounds. It was only Herzen's name where whatever guide you used had misled you, not your American mouth =D. "Tsesarevich" was outstanding.


Is there any specific known reason why Konstantin removed himself from the succession?

Alexander Grinshpun

Thanks for a very solid episode.
Small note on Russian pronunciation. In the name "Semyonovsky" (name of a famous Imperial Guard regiment) the stress is on the second syllable. I am sure this name will come up again.
Overall the pronunciation is very good for a non Russian speaker.



And, like that. The destabilization begins.

I can't to to get to Nicolas the second. The french revolutionary parallels are amazing.

I've waited the whole podcast for this, it's quite possibly the most fascinating revolution in history. Yet, it's never retold accurately, which the truth is often what makes it fascinating.


"I'm going to go back and edit the previous episodes, so that when you hear this one, you'll be like, 'what mispronunciations, Mike?' Exactly."

Not unless you've already downloaded those episodes and preserved those errors for posterity, lol.

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