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23 June 2019


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Dvd Avins

After 4 years starting with THoR, this was the first episode I had to wait for. Thank you! For all your work. I"m sorry it will be ending in two years, but I did detect during Mexico that you had temporarily lost some of your joy in doing it.

Speaking of Mexico, I think you sold Madero somewhat short. And that's just going by the info you gave, compared to how you characterized it. His huge, fatal tendency was to alienate his supporters. No argument about that. But you seemed to think over and over that he should have taken threats more seriously when those threats proved to be minor. Had he trusted his personal safety to those who were loyal to him, all the rest of what you call naivete--not sacking those who pledged to be loyal even when there was reason to doubt, might have gone down as visionary. And exactly what would have been needed to establish a government of laws rather than of men.


Only two more weeks until we actually hit Russia! :)


This is the greatest descriptions of Anarchism and it's primary principles ever created. Even noting some of the critical flaws with his original arguments and massive divides between each faction.

Ron Sparks

Yeah. What he said. Many thanks, Mike.


I love that at the end you pointed out some of the critical flaws with pretty much all of Bakunin's philosophy. Throughout the entire episode they were burning in my head; the inherit belief in the "goodness" of humanity and the inherit nature of power and organization within the human condition. Not that you needed to justify those flaws but I think it was good to point them out that they exist and still exist in this line of thinking. It doesn't invalidate his philosophies but they are damaging to the overall concept and implementation of said ideas.


Great podcast. Thanks Mike

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