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15 June 2019


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Really loving the in depth examination of socialist politics and philosophy. I had not heard of Bakunin so he’s a fascinating character to learn about and the quote about socialism and liberty was particularly on point.

May I make an Audible recommendation? The Regency Years: During Which Jane Austen Writes, Napoleon Fights, Byron Makes Love, and Britain Becomes Modern by Robert Morrison. It’s a great book about a society which seems on the verge of revolution yet does not go over the brink. Highly recommend.


"Herzen" is NOT pronounced "Kirtsen" in Russian. It's pronounced "Gehrtsen" - hard "G", like in "Gaul", and "eh" like in "elbow". Pretty please don't say "Kirtsen".

You're probably thinking of the Russian "H" sounding harder than the English "H" and more like "kh", but 1) the Russian "H" is still closer to the English "H" (e.g. in "have") than the English "K", which is equivalent to the Russian "K"; and 2) Herzen's name is German, and the German "H" is pronounced like a hard "G" in Russian. (So "Hegel" becomes "Gegel", for example.)

Another minor point - it's "Anglicized" not "Anglicanized" - unless you're talking about the Church founded by Henry VIII, i.e. the Anglican Church.

Lovely to listen to the podcast as always! Your Spanish and French improved tremendously, so here's looking forward to your successes with Russian =D!

Phillip Constable

This guy is the Brian Cox of political history and broadcast


Hello Mike,

2 minor corrections.

1 - it is proper to say that Bakunin was born in Tver region, not in Kuvshinovskiy district. Region in Russia is like State in US, while district is much smaller, there are thousands of them, no one really understood what you were talking about.

2 - Bakunin’s wife name was AntoniNa, not Antonia. Quite similar though:)


Here's how "Herzen" pronounced in russian. Timestamped for convenience.

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