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09 June 2019


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Petr Svatoň

Amazing epizode, one of the best in the entire Revolutions podcast in my opinion. I came across Marx's ideas numerous times since high school, but I think your introduction into his thinking is the best one I've heard so far. His ideas make much more sense to me now, thanks! :-)

Since everyone seems to be discussing what should be covered if there is time left after the Russian revolution is completed... I think the collapse of Imperial Germany at the end of WWI and the subsequent attempts to carry out a communist revolution there would be a very interesting and yet little known topic.


as a marxist podcaster, I've never heard any of my peers sum up the materialist conception of history so succinctly and accessibly—I sure haven't. your work in general is a tremendous contribution to the popularization of history and historiography, and i look forward to your sure-to-be ruthless criticism of marxism and the socialist revolutions in the forthcoming series and beyond. cheers Mike!

Ron Sparks

You have really outdone yourself. This was even better than last week’s episode and just maybe the finest podcast you have produced. I am really looking forward to the rest of the Russian Revolution.

Ali Thompson

This is the best rendition of Marxist theory that I ever heard.

Any ideas on where I can get more info on the ancient aliens though?


Thanks so much for doing this. As a child of the cold war I find Marx to be a little, well, out there. But this really helps, even if I have to listen to it 2 or 3 times.

As for future revolutions, hope you will consider the Indian revolution, as it is one of those revolutions that rolls around the world. There is a direct link to the American civil rights movement as so many civil rights leaders were students of Gandhi, and some of the older ones had actually gone to India to support him.


The ancient aliens did NOT teach us how to farm.. They taught us how to build pyramids.


"Abundance of resources"

That Marx could not understand something so basic and so simple as that populations expand as long as there is food. That "Abundance of resources" is just by the nature of biology a temporary state, the exception, not the rule. Well, it is not impressive.


Hi Mike
My new phone fails to down load podcasts automatically.
Finally caught up with episodes.
Wonder when the technical Revolution begin so that all devices actually work?


This episode has come exactly one month too late to help me with exam revision! Great episode though.

Benjamin Carman

Hey Mike, excellent show for an audible rec, you should try "The Proud Tower" by Barbara Tuchman. Very well done and very appropriate to what is bieng discussed on the show, ot doesnt tal about Russia directly, but the chapters are very detailed portraits and give great insight into the times. There is are EXCELLENT chapters on Anarchism and Socialism

Alex Milligan

Just catching up with this serious, fantastic work as usual. One thing I would like to point out from the previous episod is that Adam Smith the "Father of Economics " was Scottish not English, so at most you could describe it as British economics but certainly not English.


Just caught up, really like the way you havelaid out the whole "socialist" table. Also the best explanation of Markism I've heard.
I was born a few miles from Robert Owen's New Lanark... it is great place to visit, much improved from the derilect site of my school days.

Alex Bluebond

Mike, Loved this episode. I’m curious about whether or not you believe the Marxist description of the Roman Empire accurately captures the causes of its collapse.

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