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19 May 2019


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Matti Jouhkimo

I'm on my way to start listening Revolutions. Started HoR 2 weeks ago and have 30 episodes left. Also bought your book. Quickly becoming a huge fan of your work! Any plans for tours for Revolutions too?

Thanks again, can't wait to get up to speed with Revolutions!

ps. starting history lessons at open university this fall and applying to university next spring to study history, thanks to you.


I think this is a strong start, but IMO you overemphasise how obscure Marx was at the time. I happen to be reading A World to Win: The Life and Works of Karl Marx by Sven-Eric Liedman as this comes out and he notes that the Neue Rheinische Zeitung printed about 4000 copies of its later editions and had one of the highest circulations in the German states in 1849. So from what I can tell, far from an unknown Marx was one of the more prominent German socialists, even if that field as a whole paled in comparison to the French or even English.

Dylan Rodrigues

Great to have the Revolutions podcast back!


“No you’re writing a book about Lafayette and trying to awkwardly shoehorn him into the story.”

Oh how I missed you!


Marx in the inaugural address: "Russia... that barbarous power, whose head is in St. Petersburg, and whose hands are in every cabinet of Europe"

That's pretty ironic.

Jesse A-M

After slowly but surely working my way through the full series over the course of the last ten months, this was the first episode I listened to when it was released. Very exiting.

Great episode, great way to start the story. I can't wait for the Russian Revolution proper to begin.

Adam Weaver

Huge fan for several years now and looking forward to the Russian Revolution series. I was wondering if I could recommend the Spain 1936-1939 as the next installment. First, it would be a natural pivot point from Russia. Second, the degree of implementation of the ideals of the revolution - in terms of peasants taking the land and workers taking and running industry is from my understanding much more thoroughly developed than in Russia but sadly lesser known.

Thanks for everything you do!


2nd the motion. Spanish Civil War would really be interesting. Give it some thought!

John Poole

The Spanish Civil War, while certainly interesting, is not a revolution.


Nice. I'm from Russia myself, and I'm stoked to hear a piece of history of my country from an outsider who has no personal investment or bias in these events. Looking forward to it.

Michael Ocana

I finally caught up with you! (but I cheated by not listening to the history of rome... maybe later).
First of all THANK YOU for this series. I have learned a ton. Second... AWESOME episode. I love your breakdown of the players... Anarcho-communitarians, Professional Revolutionaries, Working class Unionists, Scientific Utopians and now Karl Marx... facing off against bourgeois capitalists, liberal constitutionalists, liberal nobles and the reactionaries... You have set the stage very nicely. I wait in eager anticipation for what comes next! You have my Patreon support.

Michael Ocana

What are some legitimate options for future revolution topics?




Daniel P

Chinese revolution is a must!

One of the most important events in modern history that directly affected hundreds of millions of people and indirectly affects all of us to this day.

I understand it would take a while to properly research, especially when you don't speak Chinese, and would take at least 40-50 episodes, however it would be a real shame if you would end up completely skipping it.

At least a brief mini-series to summarise it for people who don't know anything about it would be nice.

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