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10 March 2019


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That's our Duncan!

But seriously, I eagerly await the episode and I think it's an awesome idea for a conclusion!




Oh noes, he's come down with Dan Carlin Syndrome!

Steven Passenauer

I LOVE your final episode on the Haitian Revolution. Eagerly looking forward to this one.

Mark Joseph Jones

Got on the site excited to download a "what did it all mean?" episode and was interestingly even more excited to find it wasn't uploaded yet, with the explanation as to why. Way to give it it's due diligence. Second what someone said about your Haitian Revolution wrap-up, and looking forward to what you do with this. :)



Michael Soener

Haha, yeah I was wondering how you'd condense the post-revolutionary era down to 40 minutes. Glad to hear we get extended content before the extended hiatus! Have a good break thanks for all the great material!

Matthew Dawson

I remember that Mike Duncan told us at one point that he would be ending the revolutions podcast in a couple of years after finishing the next few revolutions, which he listed out. I remember that he mentioned the Mexican revolution and the Russian revolution, but does anyone remember if there were any others on his list of revolutions to come? I've tried searching for the episode where he gives this podcast update, but I can't find it.

Ron Sparks

Matthew, in the last comment that I recall from Mike about this, he was not exactly sure where he would finish. He did say that he was not planning to cover the anti-Communist revolution of the late 1980’s and early 1990’s because the events were too close to the present day and there had not been enough time for a historical perspective to develop. I understand this, but think it’s a bit of a shame, as I would really like to hear Mike’s take on this revolution.


Haha, I wondered where the new episode was. Thanks for the post!

Dylan Rodrigues

Matthew and Ron, that really is a shame. It would be fun to see Mike cover the fall of the Iron Curtain. Hell, it'd be cool if he covered revolutions up to the Arab Spring, established historical consensus be damned!

I am looking forward to this episode on Mexico post-Revolution. I remember how awesome the episode on Haitian history up to modern times was.


Oh God I’m so behind. I’m just starting the Haitian revolution. That’s what I get for saving up my episodes for the French revolution and getting sidetracked in the process. Well at least I have plenty of episodes to keep myself buisy.


I recall that Mike talked about this when he first announced his moving to France and writing his book on Citizen Lafayette. Basically, he said that he was ending the series with the Russian revolution and it would finish about the same time as the publication of the book.

I am hoping that he is doing the reading for the ebook version of the new book as well.

I also remember Mike taking the history of Rome podcast and turning it into a series of books.

Looking forward to whatever project he takes on next, even if it is a nice long rest from writing and speaking into a microphone on a near weekly basis.


I'm gonna miss the weekly episodes! Maybe I will start over with the history of Rome podcasts in the meantime :)


I get the urge to hear Mike cover more recent revolutions like the fall of the Iron Curtain or the Arab Spring, but I feel like with some of these things, it's still unfolding. The Arab Spring, especially ... I mean, we're still in that little gap where Mike takes a week or two off before diving into the next phase. As much as I hate to see this end, I think Russia's the right place for it.

(I also expect there to be, like, a two-and-a-half hour ending episode that covers everything up to Putin.)


I've got no problem with the final episode to a series being a little longer than the others -I'd prefer it be a little longer, really. Remember the final episode of the Haitian revolution ballooning to something like two hours long? Man, that was great. Keep up the good work, Mike! You and Dan Carlin are the best!

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