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24 February 2019


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Sean G.

Is the Russian revolution the last revolution you'll be covering, or will you be covering any others after (like the Cuban revolution)?

I know you mentioned it last series, but I forget now and I can't seem to find it. Also, looking forward to your next book. Can't wait to buy a copy or three.

Damien Boylan

To this day the Zapatista movement has not put down its guns. The EZLN fights against corruption and capitalist exploitation with politics and with force in Mexico.


Oh God. After an 18 month binge of History of Rome and Revolutions, I've finally caught up...is there a support group?


Hi Mike! While you were saying your schedule for the next few months, I was telling myself, oh this is good I can catch up with the revolutions podcast. Looking forward to the Russian rev.

Much love from the Philippines.

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