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21 January 2019


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Hi Mike, love the podcast. Lots of the direct links are broken, e.g. episode 1.3 and episode 3.2 .


I have really enjoyed your podcast over the years but when you said the Mexican Revolution I just thought ok.... dont know much about it, its not Europe but ok...

I was so wrong. This has been every bit as engrossing as the Rome and 1848 podcasts. I have LEARNED so much about Mexico from you.

But, there is one screaming point that comes across to me on this podcast and that is America. The American civil war is less then 50yrs before the Mexican situation yet when America is involved there is a strong army and navy, a strong policy and diplomatic stance.. How did America go from a broken, battered, self inflicted war and in the 1910s be a strong country...

I grew up in middle Georgia (I'm 57) and had elementary school teachers whose grandparents told them first hand accounts of the war as Sherman came through middle Georgia so I marvel at how the country could be a regional/world force so soon after the civil war.

Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to the new book!!

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