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13 January 2019


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Antti Mikko Tolonen

This episode should be up for smart phone podcast apps, right? I am only asking, because I want to know whether it is a problem in my end or elsewhere.



^^ I'm also not seeing it on Spotify or the Apple podcast app.

John Dye

Beyondpod on android isn't picking it up either.

Ryan Ashworth

I listened to this episode here on your site, and am seeing it in my TuneIn Radio app as well. Nice job!


Hey, just finished up THoR - fantastic work Mike! Looking forward to settling into your Revolutions stuff. Wondering if you have plans to run any tours in 2019 / 2020 - those seem like a great experience.



Luis Robles

I am also interested in the tours for 2019! Would love to get a chance to travel and do some learning.

Google Podcasts android app has the episode up btw.


Zapata and Villa:


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