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02 December 2018


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First let me say I'm a huge fan of your work, including everything from the history of rome, too your book! I understand this mexican revolution is vastly more interesting for others, but I'm having a REALLY hard time staying interested..

chris m

Really enjoying this series so far! Very interesting to learn about a revolution in the 20th century. I've been amazed at how much this feels/sounds like the other revolutions we've heard through this podcast, but with a slightly faster (and maybe more 'modern') pace. This has me very excited about the idea of a Revolutions series on the Russian revolution. Fingers crossed!

Shlomo Bar-Ayal

An interesting note. One of the men who went to Mexico to be with Ponsho Villa was Bernard Freyberg. He was born in England but raised in New Zealand where he trained as a dentist. When WWI broke out he joined the BEF and fought in France. He attained the rank of Viscount and was awarded the Victoria Cross in the war. He later commanded the British forces on the Isle of Crete during WWII.

History can be very interesting.

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