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19 November 2018


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James Sanders


An excellent episode as always. One minor technical point. The UK did not have an Ambassador to Mexico in 1913. The Head of Mission's title was Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary. He had full powers equivalent to that of an Ambassador but ranked below one. At that time Ambassadors were basically only exchanged between Great Powers and close allies.

At the outbreak of World War I the UK only had about seven or eight Ambassadors. All other Heads of Mission were Envoys Extraordinary. This was true of most countries. I have checked re diplomatic relations between the USA and Mexico and the USA's representative was only upgraded to Ambassadorial Rank in 1898.

Thanks for all you do. The Revolutions Series is fascinating.

James Sanders


Wow, and I thought the US just had to feel about starting an unnecessary war with Mexico and stealing half of their inventory! Not only that, our ambassador also basically single-handedly overturned the democratic choice of millions of Mexican voters because he was a big fan of the authoritarian Diaz, plunging the country into years of war? I wish Americans had to learn this history to give some context to why things are the way they are in the world right now. Maybe if we hadn't handicapped Latin America throughout the years whenever we wouldn't have as many immigrants coming from there now. And taking into account all the messed up stuff we did, we should be more compassionate to the people arriving.


*half of their territory. Sorry, I'm at work :P


Seth - Americans do know about the Mexican American War. And generally they do not care much though the story is a bit more complicated than you let on. The territory was not really any more Mexico's than it was ours, the overwhelming majority of the population did not recognize the authority of Mexico and many of them, particularly the Apache, were extremely hostile to Mexico's efforts to establish control. Secondly a big concern of the United States of paranoia about British designs on California which the US did not think Mexico was strong enough to resist. Now I know the British were thinking about it but I do not know how much likelihood that was...but often that very real calculation gets ignored when Manifest Destiny and its craziness are discussed.

As for Wilson he was acting alone without instructions. He was a rogue ambassador and frankly it is embarrassing how often it happens that our freaking ambassadors go native and start acting on behalf of their favorite faction within the country they are posted instead of the United States. So yeah that was messed up but I don't think instructions from the Taft Administration were telling him to get Madero assassinated.

And also remember it is not like the United States has just wrecked stuff up down Mexico. Sometimes we have been good neighbors and before our...um...current administration relations between our countries had never been better.

And when we were distracted France swooped in and caused trouble so I don't know if we overall were this big handicap responsible for all evil in Mexico. Though what Porfirio Diaz said certainly holds.

And in any case I am not sure those with rabid hate and fear of the immigrants are really going to be swayed by something like history. They should be swayed by the fact that Mexicans and Central Americans are awesome and we should be glad to have them.


Strange that Huerta went to such lengths to have himself legally ascend to the presidency, only to have any shred of credibility thrown out once Madero and Suárez were killed. It really was stupid.


Damn, it´s episodes like this that make me wish there is a hell after all.

I´m going to ask for some minor spoilers here, but does enyone know if Wilson ever got to realize what he had done? Did he ever regret his part in the coup?

Jim G

This episode was hard emotionally. While Maduro was naïve, his brother, him and Pino Suarez didn't need to die in such a cruel manner.

I'm in agreement with Maxi. Sometimes it makes me wish there was a hell after all. It's bothers me to no end that Wilson, Huerta and Felix Diaz lived to be ripe old men as their savagery ultimately destroyed the lives of millions. I sure hope they burn in hell.


This episode just showed me the world's greatest criminal mastermind. I mean, Wilson aided in an overthrow of a democratically elected leader (who is recognized by the US Government no less) and is complicit in the murder of 3 people (two of which were the leader and deputy leader who got overthrown)...plus countless more who died during the coup and those who will die later on.

And what did Wilson get? Just a dismissal..yep, got away with mass murder and government overthrow scott free. No arrests, no executions, not even a hefty fine...just removed from his post. I'm telling ya, Henry Lane Wilson is the greatest criminal mastermind of the 20th Century..

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