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13 June 2018


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Thomas W Woolverton

One of the things I am enjoying now that you're in the later part of the 19th century is being able to go to the archives of the New York Times (paywall) to read the news reports on the events you describe so well.

The part about the National Guard and how it was being run basically by committee, judging each unit's interpretation of events to decide on action was integral for my understanding of this small report from the March 19,1871 edition:

"London, March 18.=The London Time special dispatch from Paris says that on Friday morning Battalion One Hundred and Thirty-four of the National Guard prevented Battalion Twenty-on from taking post on the ramparts of the fortification at Montmartre because they were not devoted to the Republic."

I can see it, "Naw, we can see it in your body language. You're just going through the motions. If you can't participate in a revolution with a happy heart don't do it at all."

Thank you for taking the time to continue the series in what must be a tremendously busy time for you. Safe travels and I hope France is everything you want it to be.



Clemenceau must have been very glad to have lost that particular election, it kept him out of the inevitable catastrophe. This is fascinating, thanks for telling this story. Looking forward to the Mexican Revolution.

Cooper Maxwell

I just cannot understand how they thought a bunch of monarchist/military men would not try to retake parks.

Cooper Maxwell


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