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27 May 2018


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I don't suppose you have any images of the Red Posters described in this episode? A half-hour of googling turns up nothing, just Soviet-era posters celebrating the Commune.


Some leads here. Good question.


Hi. It bothers me when you tell the audience not to bother worrying about someone's name.

In this episode it was Bazaine who you told the audience not to bother worrying about. He was one of the 4 or 5 most important actors in the franco-prussian war, but beyond that you spend as more time saying don't bother wondering what this guy's name is as it would take to just say it. You seemingly do this every other episode. It takes me out if the story every time. I really don't think you need to worry about dumbing down your synopsis any further.


The magic search term is "Affiche rouge, commune" not "Red poster."

Found some better links:


Stan Randomere

I was a little disappointed that the legend of the French discovering a taste for horsemeat from the Seige wasn't addressed.

Accurate or no, I had assumed it was well-known enough to be mentioned.


The Franco-Prussian War: Every Day

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