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06 May 2018


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Denis Nardin

Great episode! This certainly makes the Second French Empire seem more nuanced than the standard description (basically, Napoleon III was an idiot and it's a miracle it managed to hang on to power as long as he did).

In Italian schools the agreement between Cavour and Napoleon III is presented as the crafty Cavour duping the silly Frenchmen. Really, in my textbook there was a sentence along the lines of "and so you can see just how much better was Cavour at diplomacy compared to the French emperor". I am however skeptical of most of what was written in textbooks about Italian unification, it had a very strong taste of nationalistic propaganda...

I hope you will enjoy Paris. It is a wonderful city, full of parks and history. Say what you want about him, but Napoleon III's project to turn her into the intellectual capital of Europe succeeded 100%...


Deutsche Welle documentary on Bismark
Die Deutschen (The Germans) S01E09 'Bismarck und das Deutsche Reich' (Ger&Eng Subs)

for those who share my passion for period drama
The Life of Otto von Bismark

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