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29 April 2018


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I like to binge each "series" after it's done. Is this the last episode for 1848?


Yes, this is the last episode of the 7.x series. It's the end of the 1848 Revolution.


Thanks, Colm. That's what I meant by my question.


Thanks for the recap. I've been anticipating it for weeks. I am very excited for you about your move to France. I have lived in France several times over the years. We have a house in Normandy now that we use about 10 weeks/year. We love France. I have been enjoying your podcast for quite some time now. I started with the French Revolution and then listened to everything else. I just have one suggestion for you. You might add the phrase "I'm Mike Duncan" in your intro. I think I had almost finished the French revolution before I knew your name. Just a thought.
Cecelia Riehl -


Have you considered organizing your updates by series to make it easier to find or restart a set one?


"Entropy of Victory" is such a great phrase! I'll make sure to always cite Mike Duncan when I use it though, don't worry.


I also like to "binge".. Therefore I havent listened the 7.x series yet. But I want to ask a question: is the theoretical-ideological ofshoots of 1848 covered? I especially mean 1848 communist manifesto and the new perception of society it brought into play.

Dear Mike, if you are reading this, I have a proposal: What about making a subseries about marxism/communism/socialism under this series? Without that theoretical background the revolutions after 1848 will be unintelligible. Marxism is very heavy stuff and I think it must be explained. I also propose the same for anarchism/proudhonism, and maybe also for italian fascism..

I also hope that you plan to cover the 1919 german revolution and the following weimar republic.


correction: when I said "...What about making a subseries about marxism/communism/socialism...." I have meant "...What about making a subseries about the HISTORY of marxism/communism/socialism..."

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