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29 April 2018


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Can we get some more subtle color options for the shirts? Like white, grey, or black?

When I picture violent overthrow of the government in my head, pastels don't really spring to mind.


I would like to order the T-shirt that said "The Patriotic Society for the Development of Agriculture and Livestock". I ordered a Women's size X-Large, and I received this teeny-tiny T-shirt that I ended up giving away. I see he is only offering unisex (aka Men's) sizing now. I suspect other women complained about the sizing too.


Are customs cuties covered in shipments to Canada, or will purchasers have to cover VAT on receipt? Last time I bought a t-shirt from a US podcast, they tacked $45 on the shirt before I could pick it up!

Layne B

Yes! Time for a new shirt! :D


I am so excited I'm finally going to get a Gentleman Johnny's t-shirt! Ordering at least that one tonight.

Douglas F

What material are the T-Shirts made out of? I don't see it listed anywhere on the fundraiser site?


I definitely like the book fundraiser, but is there an option to purchase 1 or 2 books rather than a whole collection?

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