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04 March 2018


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Hi Mike!

Enjoying the podcast tremendously, but I'm little disappointed there are no plans for including the Meiji revolution (restoration) and the Chinese revolution in the Revolutions series. No love for East Asia?

Of course for both of them you would probably had to do a long series of background podcasts to do them justice and give a proper set up, which may be why you decided not to delve into them. The Chinese revolution on its own would probably require an overview of at least the entire 19th century in China/East Asia...


Hi Mike!

I've been listening to first THoR and now Revolutions almost every day since getting my pup and listening on our walks back in August 2016.

Today is a bittersweet day as I've finally caught up with your most recent content. I've enjoyed every episode and couldn't have asked for a better way to learn about my favorite periods of history.

I have one of your "special" first edition prints of the Storm Before the Storm and eagerly await the next topic you author.




Beyond excited for the Russian Revolution! Been looking forward to it since I finished the FR series.

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