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04 February 2018


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for those who just cannot get enough of 1848, Deustche Welle's documentary on Robert Blum (click on settings wheel to get English subtitles)


Where were the churches of Germany during all this? Or is that just one too many strands to keep up with in what is a very chaotic and complicated story? Were there differences between the Lutherans, Reformed, and Catholic? Or were they all leery of revolutionaries?


"In any case, because of the mix of Danes and Germans who lived there and the various feudal obligations of the players, the Schleswig-Holstein Question problem was considered intractable by many. Lord Palmerston said of the issue that only three people understood the Schleswig-Holstein question: one was dead, the other had gone insane, and the third was himself, but he had forgotten it."

The British take on just how confusing the hole Schleswig-Holstein Question was.

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