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21 January 2018


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Is there a book that chronicles the arrival of the refugees of 1848 in the US? I see people getting on boats in Naples, Hamburg, wherever, and coming to the US. They must have been a remarkable group.


I'm halfway through reading Daniel Walker Howe's book What Hath God Wrought: Transformation of American 1815-1948 and I saw from the table of contents that the last chapter is devoted to the arrival of 1848 refugees in the US. I'd say have a look at that if you're interested.

Euro Micelli

Some pronunciation tweaks and questions?

Mincio River: you sound almost like if it was called "Mincino" ("mean-chee-no" or more likely "mean-chee-OH"). It should be "Mean-cho". The "io" is a diphthong and the "i" is basically silent.

Udine: it should be "Oo-dee-neh" not "U-deen" (granted, in local Fûrlan dialect it's called Udîn "Oo-din" but I'm sure that's not what you intended)

26:34, I'm a bit confused. I hear "the siege of 'preschia'"? I presume you meant "Peschiera"? Probably a bad fluke. Or maybe it's my hearing going bad. For a while I though you meant Brescia and had mispronounced that, but you hadn't mentioned Brescia anywhere else and that city is a bit too far west to make sense.

Hope this helps. Thank you again for a wonderful series.

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