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12 November 2017


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Take your time, don't rush greatness


Hope you & the plagues few better soon!

Michael Tsuk

Take your time, and feel better: we can wait for the umbrellas. :-)


Now you know how the Duc de Mortemart felt.


Could be worse. Could have done a tour of Haiti and gotten Yellow Fever. Get well!

Dan Roy

Feel better.
P.S. I’m loving your book.


Get well soon.

Patrick Joyce

Get well! The book arrived from Amazon. I will start on it this weekend.


After only starting in 2015, I've finally caught up to the podcast and waiting episode to episode is tough. I miss binging on History of Rome and the early Revolutions ...


Get well soon!

(What does the 85-year-old pirate say on his birthday? Arrrrgh matey-five!)


Get well soon!

Although I now want to hear what an 85 year old pirate sounds like.

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