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05 November 2017


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this is a great story, thank you for telling it.

two shoes





So, Metternich and Guizot are gone and Marx's and Engels's book which famously mentions those two now mostly obscure figures in its first lines hasn't been mentioned yet?


Let's just pause for a second to acknowledge, that Mike Duncan is ahead of Neil deGrasse Tyson in the NYT Bestseller list.

Who would've thought that ten years ago?


how many people knew about Ferdinand I's disability? Was it commonly known in Vienna?


Congrats! Also, Goodreads Choice Awards Semifinal.


Lukas, the Manifesto has been mentioned by name like three times this series. Chill.

Mike, I find it a bit troublesome that the NYT best seller blurb says "fall of the Roman Empire" not "Roman Republic." That's a pretty significant difference, and key to the point of the book.

Maybe send a message to those folks and correct them?


It's been fixed!




Ah Metternich, one of my favourite historical Austrians. Say what you like, he tried and for a long time succeeded. Now we have Kossuth and co racing about to cause chaos/save the Empire/boost Hungary depending on your point of view.
Also, yay on the book, and I also learnt there are first printings of first editions, didn't know that was a thing.

Stephen Ng

history is a a fair judge of people good or bad, and this applies to US presidents: great presidents- Washington, Lincoln, JFK, both Roosevelts. Not so good presidents: Ulysses Grant (great general whose skills did not traslate well into the Oval Office.) My point is I CAN'T believe a book on him beat us on the top 10 list.
from a longtime listener for 10 years (neither Red nor Blue, but Canadian)
PS history will judge Trump, we won't need to(until 2020)

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