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15 October 2017


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Her Mike could you put linkes up for the interviews you did?
Thank you!


Mike, the link for this week's episode does not include the episode number on the webpage. The URL does include it.


To say the terror was justified in light of thousands of years of history--is to argue that two wrongs make a right and that *good intentions* are all that matter.

The terror was a bad thing executed badly, and the French revolution failed by any objective measure.


I went back to listen to episode 3.43, conspiracy of equals. it is more compelling now that I know partly where it leads.


Cj = here are the interview links.




Mark Wallace

Long time listener and proud pre-owner of your book! Quick question of European views, particularly liberals, of the comparatively successful constitutional monarchy of England. Did they view England as an example or something too foreign to be emulated? Several of the Kingdoms in Europe (the Two Silicies for examples) owed their continued existence to the British. Was Britain a guiding light for liberals or was its actually a negative in the arguments for reform.


Dr. Mr. Facebook,

I don't understand what you mean by the 'French Revolution failed by any objective measure' means. That would assume the French Revolution had some sort of goal that everybody involved in agreed on instead of the big mass of chaos it was. And it did reshape France, and Europe, in so many ways I think you could come up with hundreds of objective measures it changed things, and depending on what you thought of those changes they could be considered successes.

And I think you fundamentally mis-understood what Twain was saying thing. He was not saying that the Terror was good and I am not sure why you are claiming that.

Jeffrey W Percival

I thought the recasting of the years of the French Revolution into the 20th century was really neat. It made the timeline so much more meaningful to consider it in terms of time spans in my own life. And coulottes as bell bottoms, nice touch!


Just went to Barnes and noble to preorder and they said it's in so I got a copy of the storm before the storm today 10/22/17!!!!!!!!!!!

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