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23 October 2017


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I just got my shipment notice from Amazon, and I’m beyond excited! Very sad that the tour is skipping the Twin Cities, though—we’re practically next door neighbors!


The www.thestormbeforethestorm.com link has an extra space on my setup (Firefox, Ubuntu) maybe you want to have a look into that. Have fun on your book tour


Those of us living in the 95% of the country that the book tour is not coming to were wondering if there was some way to get our pre-ordered as directed copies signed. You know, like, I mail my book off to a PO Box and then some weeks later I get it back with a nifty little signature in it.


See you at the Barnes & Nobles in Skokie, IL!


Coming to the event at Politics & Prose. Do I get points off for only ordering the audiobook?


Hey man too bad you can't make it to Midtown Scholar. It's a kickass bookstore. Jared Yates Sexton is going there November 8th.

two shoes

you should come to ithaca


I got my ebook yesterday. Very excited. What's up with the NYT? ;-)

John B

Got mine today, just read the first chapter. Nicely written, I'm enjoying it.

Some of your readers and listeners live in the Old World. Are you planning a book tour in the UK?


No bellingham? c'mon


Look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia on Friday!

Fred Lusk


My pre-ordered copy of The Storm Before The Storm arrived today courtesy of Barnes & Noble. You're right, it looks great. Also, congratulations on your first book. I hope it succeeds beyond your wildest dreams…and the next book, and the next book, and the one after that. :-)



I picked up my pre-ordered copy on Wednesday, Oct. 25 and it's so pretty! *_* I love the dust jacket and I'm so excited to read the book. I'll be there on Saturday for the book tour. :D

Tobias Markowitz

I am so disappointed that I missed you while you were in NYC. I literally lived across the street from Book Culture for years. Unfortunately I work at night so I was unable to attend but I did pre-order the book and I can wait to read it. I hope the tour is a great success.

Michael Reuscher

Congratulation Mike! This is an awesome accomplishment!
I just found a notification that my copy will arrive tonight. Excited!
Good luck on your book reading tour!


I'm so excited. I pre-ordered a few weeks ago. Congratulations, Mike on such an awesome accomplishment.


I just got my shipment confirmation. It'll be here Tuesday! Congratulations Mike! I'm happy to be able to support you in your work because I think it's awesome.


Hi Mike, I'd like to come visit you in DC or Philly but the improbable happened - I have a date! Oh hey I stopped by Midtown Scholar this evening expecting to see your book displayed prominently, but it's not there. They don't have it at all. I even checked the website and asked the guy at the counter - nothing. This is surprising considering this is a fairly large and prominent indie bookstore and JYS is speaking there in two weeks. Maybe you could have him promote your book when he's there? I'm in the middle of reading SBTS now and its prose and storytelling are superb. I hope it got NYT bestseller.

Ryan Robinson

My wife was really confused when I got the text from Amazon on Monday and got all excited.

She apparently had never put together 1) my 'rome podcast' and 'french revolution podcast' were related, or 2) that these were the things that rekindled my love of learning after I got my poli sci and history degrees in the late aughts. Didn't realize how formative you'd been until I was connecting the dots for her

Never took the time to say it before, but now seems a good-a-time as any though, so thank you. Wish I could make Madison but I'm in the Twin Cities and have a baby. Hopefully ill catch the next book's your

Greg Levitsky

Hi, Mike! I just got my book today. Very excited! Is there any chance you’ll be at B&N in Philly anytime before 7? I need to be at Philly airport by 7, but wanted to stop in and have you sign my book. Please let me know!


Not hitting the South at all? That's too bad.


Does anybody else’s copy replace every “hn” with “Ú”? Like “ethnic” to “etÚic”?

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