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03 September 2017


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Stephen Isherwood

Very good scene setter. You're doing a good job with the pronunciation. Like the dry humor. Will miss you next week.


Someone suggested your podcast to me on August 25th.

Since then I've listened to EVERY revolutions podcast.

I'm just starting 7.06 right now, and in a bit over an hour, will be downloading and listening to 7.08!

Excellent series!!

Once I'm all caught up I'm going to listen to to entire rome series. Should take a week or so. Hopefully by then 7.09 will be out!

David Campos

The narrative is becoming somewhat dry. Sprinkling in more comical elements should help. Even if they were not comical at the time. Comedy helps retention. One has to be careful and strategic about it though.

Michael Tsuk

Your Hungarian pronunciation is surprisingly good. Three things, though. In Hungarian, the accent is always on the first syllable. "Th" is much closer to "t" than the standard English "th" sound. And if you try to say "mud-yar", rather than "mag-yar", I think you'll annoy the Magyars less. :-)

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