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22 August 2017


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Is there a UK publications date for the Storm before the Storm?


>Wrenched back.

Oof. Sounds painful. Glad you're feeling better, Mike.


Curious - if all the Hungarian nobility was tax exempt, what was the kingdom's source of revenue through its history? How did its economy compare to, say, Britain, France or "Germany" during the 50 year period before the revolutions of '48?


@David: sources of revenue included taxation of the peasantry, the urban population, the Jewish population, salt, copper and other mines. The income King Matthias was comparable to the income the monarchs of England at the time, but then economic differences started to grow.


Absolutely wonderful. I am most interested in the Hungarian part of this story. Sorry to hear about your back. Hope you are still on the mend.

Chad Brown

Thank you for all your work over the years. I have pre ordered the book as a thank you for all that you do for us.


FYI, as I understand, in Hungarian, any G followed by a Y has a D sound. So Magyar is pronounced Madyar.
Source: my brother lived in Hungary for a few years.


Andrew - you are correct! Here's the wiki link to the pronunciation of "Hungarian (Magyar) language" https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ad/Hu-magyar_nyelv.ogg Additionally, in some Slavic languages "Hungarian" is just "Madyar".

Michael Brana

Found out yesterday I can preorder the audio book with my monthly audible book credit. Totally did that even though I have my physical book preorder from Amazon. Can't wait for both!


As someone who spent 8 years studying the history of the Kingdom of Hungary in school, this was a very good summarisation of the most important stuff from 1,000 years of history. Sometimes things were a bit too simplified, but that is understandable considering the amount of information needed to be related.


I like the subtitle. Reminds me of the hilarious play "The Complete Works of Shakespeare in 97 minutes".

Can anyone recommend a book (audio or not) about the history of Hungary? I'd like to expand on these 38 minutes :)


The Hungarians: A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat from Paul Lendvai is a pretty good introductory book to the topic available in English.


Thanks Daniel!

Márton Tőke

I would also recommend László Kontler's A History of Hungary, it is historically accurate and connects the dots for those who were not raised in this strange world, and the style of text is quite entertaining, too. https://www.amazon.com/History-Hungary-Millennium-Central-Europe/dp/1403903174

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