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27 July 2017


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The intro music... Mike you sly devil
Best of luck on this and all your future books.


... Huh. Is there going to be an audio book? After listening to you talk for so long, I'd almost prefer that.


Welp. Two and a half minutes in, and I get my answer. As it turns out: I am a very impatient person.


Love it. Cant wait to read/hear the rest!


hey, TheHistoryOfRome.com seems to be down. Did we crash it or what?


Been listening to Revolutions cast from the very beginning. Just pre-ordered TSBTS. Thanks for all you do even though I didn't like my Casper mattress very much haha.


Just pre-ordered the book. Thank you for everything you do. Enjoyed the shows immensely.


pre order complete. Congrats, can't wait!

Rudy Robles

This is great! (I pre-ordered the book on Amazon around the time of release of Episode 7.01). Happy anniversary and continued good fortune (or is that bona fortuna? My Latin is rust) to you and yours..

John B

I pre-ordered my copy with Amazon ages ago. It comes out on my birthday, which will be a real treat.

I love your work, keep at it.

Ryan Hastings

you should ask your publisher to publish this for preorder on the google play ebook store. you'll get more preorders from people that have leftover google play credits/gift cards


Just pre-ordered SBTS for my Kindle app. Can't wait - only 89 days to go!

Warren S

This is so funny. I have just got through all episodes of the hisory of rome podcast for the 4th time and am up to the last episode. You just mentioned that you started 27th July 2007.... hang on!!! that was 10 years ago today!! Nice coincidence so i came here to wish you happy anniversary and thanks for the great show and saw you have a new book!! awesome. cant wait :-)

M Nelder

I have already pre-ordered in Kindle and in Audible. (FWIW, Audible's site still says Narrator to be Announced). Thank you so much. I have heard every episode of Rome and of Revolutions. Fascinating and insightful history.


Huge fan of "The History of Rome" and "Revolutions", and that part of the show was my favourite. I went through THOR twice, but the run from Tiberius Gracchus (or the "Taking Stock" episode) to the Ides of March I must have listened at least 10 times. And by the looks of it, The Storm Before The Storm might be even better than those episodes.
Thanks a million for everything, and good luck getting on the best seller list!


Very interesting. I will certainly be preordering when I actually have a job to pay for it...

Just one quick question which connects to the History of Rome. You mention that the consul involved in the Spanish debacle was actually removed from office by the Senate. If this was possible, then why wasn't Caesar removed from office during his consulship or early in his rule in Gaul?


Hey would you consider adding the Midtown Scholar Bookstore (Harrisburg, PA) to your book tour? Thanks!


Hearing that music alone made me all kinds of nostalgic...

At any rate, "de Bello Gallico" was written by Caesar precisely because he feared the Senate could recall him from office. And he crossed the Rubicon with troops precisely because he knew the force of arms could deter them from trying to have him put on trial...

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