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30 July 2017


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Jonathan Sieg

Was poking around Goodreads trying to find the giveaway mentioned on the podcast for review copies of tSBtS. Do you have a link you can provide?

Phony Name

Please address the motivations/needs of the Reactionaries, it feels as if their position is considered illegitimate and moustache-and-monocle tier evil by virtue of its existence.


I read 1848: Year of Revolution by Mike Rapport years ago and really enjoyed it. Looking over the bibliography for the 1848 and there's a lot of interesting material. Which book would you recommend if I wanted to focus on the Austrian Empire perspective?


@Phony Name:

Well above all their aim was to keep themselves in power. If you want to believe what they kept saying, then you could argue that they believed only "legitimate" government should exist because everything else would lead to "chaos". "Legitimate" of course meaning hereditary and "god-ordained".

In their defense, they had seen the French Revolution and it's not entirely insane to concur that a revolution might have ended in a bit of zip-thud. And that was likely their fear as well.

A few reactionaries also played the "good father of the people" angle, claiming they wanted the best for the people and those bourgeois revolutionaries only had their particular interests in mind and not those of the people(tm)


Mike, you should really try to pronounce the German "ü" (as in Lübeck or Württemberg) more like a sound somewhere between ee and oo...

Other than that, great episode ;-)


By the way, the Burschenschaften (which you pronounced pretty correctly) are still around, but nowadays nobody would accuse them of being leftist in any sense of the term. There is a saying among German language leftists that goes "Lieber ein Geschwür am After als ein deutscher Burschenschafter" - I'd rather have an ulcer in the anal region than a German Burschenschafter...

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