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23 July 2017


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looking forward to learning why Guizot merited a mention in the Communist Manifesto.

David Campos

When your book comes out in audio format, it will out pace paper, by a good margin. We have spent so much on electronic devices. They have to be good for something. This leaves many without library shelves behind them. Going by face value alone can't be good. I will be among those who buy it in audio.

c. whiteley

been listening to your stuff for years. thanks for all you do. will the ebook purchase count toward your Times goal?
will pre-order the ebook if it does.


I'm getting a 404 on the mp3 file trying to open it on my Android phone from the website.


Yup, also getting a 404 from iOS on my laptop (Chrome)

Can't wait to listen to this week's episode!

John Rondina

Love the show. You stated Napoleon II lived with his mother, Napoleon II lived in Vienna, his mother lived in Parma, where she was the duchess.


Pre-Order and Liberty

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