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16 July 2017


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Ali Thompson

I just want to express how happy I was when today turned out to be the day that the next release was. GoT has nothing on you!

You're the best!


Pre-ordered the book, but I am unlikely to read it.

Waiting for the audiobook version.


What a surprise! What a wonderful surprise!!


Yeah Marx is here!

Cesar M

Pre-ordered the book!

Congratulations on 10-years as a podcaster! Amazing adventure. It's hard to believe that it's been so long (I joined a few dozen episodes into the Roman Republic.) Job well done, Mike.

P.S. Consider the Nicaraguan Revolution :-)

Michael Richmond

I've pre-ordered a copy of the book for my high-school Latin and Greek teacher. She was my favorite teacher and had a great influence on me -- so this had better be a really good book!




I did my part!


thank you so very much for doing this. I am only vaguely familiar with the Revolutions of 1848, so really looking forward to this.


When Mr. Duncan finally does start his hardcore scream-rock band, I am sure I know its predestined name: Madame La Guillotine. :)



And their first album will be "zip. thud. the end."

Michael Reuscher

I can't believe I finally caught up!
I discovered the History of Rome podcast a little over 1 year ago. After listening to all the episodes, I transitioned to the Revolutions podcast and finally I caught up with the series.
I just wanted to take this time to say that I have been enjoying the podcasts immensely and thank you for all the hard work you put into it!
I have pre-ordered the Storm before the Storm and am looking forward to reading it. I also hope that the History of Rome book will be reprinted at some point!


Just pre-order from Australia. Great way to 'pay' you for all the great hours of podcasts!


Okay, it's been on my wishlist for weeks now, so you got me. Just ordered from Amazon.

And yay, new season! Will Lola Montez feature much in discussion of Bavaria? She is a favorite of mine, and (imho) could give Miranda a run for his money when it comes to wildly unlikely life stories.

Amy Kennedy

Just Preordered as well! So looking forward to reading it!

Márton Tőke

Hey Mike,
I have been a huge fan of your podcast, since I am a young scholar concerned with the intellectual history of the Age of Revolutions, most especially with reactionary criticism. I will make sure to recommend your series on the French Revolution to my prospective students, since it is the single most entertaining, conscise summary I have ever encountered.
On Metternich: I recommend to anyone interested in Metternich, the Congress of Vienna, and the peace-making process after the Napoleonic Wars, to read Henry Kissinger's doctoral dissertation, A World Restored. Breathtakingly detailed, yet never boring; he lays out the foundations of the idiosyncratic breed of conservatism that proved to definitive for his entire academic and political career. The paralells he draws between Napoleon and Hitler are chilling to the bone.
Also I am extremely excited about the new season, since I am Hungarian, and it will be nice to get to know to your take on the events. AND, I will pre-order as soon as I get my salary early August.
I wish you well, perseverence and enthusiasm for what is to come!


Revolutions is back! And great episode as always!

I'm probably looking forward to 1848 the most from all the revolutions covered so far. Such an extremely important date for both European and world history, yet if you would ask most people around the planet these days what they know about it, they would probably have only very vague knowledge at best.


Hi Mike,
In the last 4/5 months I've been binge listening all your podcasts. This is the first episode I had to wait for, horrible withdrawal week.
Does ebook count for your Times aim?
Great great work, keep going


Oh man, oh man, another episode! I've also preordered your book, but it's such a small reward for all the hours of education and entertainment! You're the history teacher I wish I had!

Vincent Ferretti

I found the history of Rome about episode 5 and have been listening ever since. The book is on order. I can't wait to read it.


Pre-ordered. I have a feeling it'll be a nice treat to receive in October. This podcast is an excellent as usual!

If anyone is interested in learning more about Metternich Henry Kissinger's Diplomacy spends about half the book talking about how this era of European government really set the stage for the World Wars and the later rise of American prominence. Even if you disagree with his ideas (I certainly do), its a great look at how "realists" view interstate interactions.

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