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28 May 2017


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I caught up with your content right around when Revolutions launched.

I just got my preorder in and I'm excited to read your book. Thanks for all the hours you've put in.

Shane Doherty

Half expected this episode to be called "The Miserables".

Book preordered!

Will Dellapenna

I just finished listening to this episode. Great as usual.

I'm also really looking forward to The Storm Before the Storm. I was wondering, though, if you plan on releasing it as an audiobook. I find I have much more time to listen to books from Audible.com than I do reading. Also, I'm far more used to getting my Mike Duncan fix through the ears.


Thank you for another amazing episode! Finally I got to know more about the historic background behind all the singing that took place in Paris in June 1832 :)

Can't wait for 1848 and I'm really wondering if you're going to mention the small revolutionary events that took place in my country back then. Back in high school we spent like 3 months learning about those events, but from the greater European and international perspective they were pretty much insignificant and I don't think I ever saw a single English text written about them, so I guess the answer is no...

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