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21 May 2017


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Hi Mike, I've been listening for years (I caught up at Commodus) and I wanted to say that this is one of the most interesting episodes so far. Thanks!

Cris Skelton

Listen to episode. Hear that minimum age requirement to be in Carbonari is 33.3. Do math in head for fun; realize that right now, as I listen to this podcast, is the exact day I turned 33.3 years old.


Hi Mike, I decided to make a quick recording explaining how to make the 'ch' sound in German, if you're interested



One of the German speakers here might also do one for ä ö and ü before 1848 comes up. ö is actually pretty close to the "i" in "girl" whereas ä is pretty close to the "a" in "dance" in most American dialects of English. ü does not, to my knowledge exist in any dialect of English.

Are there any other German sounds Americans tend to stumble over?

At any rate, thank you for another great episode and for making an effort on pronunciation - that's anything but usual...


Postscriptum: I think your third attempt in this episode at pronouncing Metternich wasn't so bad ;-)

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