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12 February 2017


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This was a great series. Thanks so much for doing these. I really liked your sympathy for Bolivar and your extensive inclusion of The Liberatrix. I'm really looking for the extension of the French Revolutionary history piece and good luck on the final edits for your book!


Lovely series, thank you so much for this. I knew so little about Simon Bolivar before this series but now I find a great respect to the man even with his imperfections.

Good luck with your book and I look forward to more of the podcast in the future.


After many months of marathoning History of Rome and Revolutions, I am finally here! Up to date with all you fine history loving folk. Feels good.


Great series, again. Is it just me or do I detect from your tone in the last episode more of a personal liking on your part for Bolivar than for any of the central actors of previous 'Revolutions'? (possibly excepting Washington)


When you started this podcast, I was a bit disappointed it would be a bunch of disconnected chapters, rather than a single narrative like the history of Rome. I really enjoyed that aspect of the podcast, and how much it made me get a feel for the spirit of the times and what each generation would have grown up with, lived under, and how it affected them. You segueing the end of BolĂ­var's story back to Lafayette and the revolution of 1830 reminds me once again that I was completely wrong. Even though the locations are different, this really is one big story again, with the partial exception of the English revolution. And even that played a vital part in setting up the American revolution, just with a much longer time in between. I'm enjoying Revolutions immensely and will be eagerly awaiting 1830 and 1848.

Javier Toloza

Dear Mr Duncan, I want to thank you for your great work telling the story of the wars of independence in my region... yes, I am Colombian and I live in Colombia, but I got to tell you that for most of us our own history is something really vague, enclosed in the mist of legend, official narratives or just downright propaganda... your outsider view of the events was iluminating and refreshing, and even when I cannot help noticing some skepticism in you voice for the future of our countries I keep hope we'll be able to move our societies forward on the basis of a better understanding of our history, a naked history capable of confronting us with the episodes of shame, but also those of glory in our past. Many thanks!

Jack Keefer

Thank you for this chapter in your revolutions podcast! I can say now that Simon Bolivar has become one of my favorite historical figures, surpassing even the American founding fathers, due to your podcast. The Revolutions you discuss from 1777-1830 have become one of my favorite time periods in history now as well!

Thank you,

Juan Gomez

@Javier Toloza: As a fellow Colombian who has also been enjoying this podcast, I would humbly suggest that you go search for more history books on the subject.

In the meanwhile, there's an interesting summary of how different historical interpretations of the man have developed around here:


In any case, there are plenty of Spanish language publications that have discussed Bolivar and his era with a healthy dose of analysis, from one field or another, far beyond what the average person learns in grade school education.

Which is not meant to be taken as an indirect criticism or slight against this English language podcast. I didn't find it until a couple of weeks ago, but it's been a great listen.

Habib Fanny

Mike... you're the freaking man. That's all I've to say.
The world needs more Mike Duncans.

Holly Martin

Great series Mike, especially the wrap up. This seems like yet another revolution that ended up devouring her children. If he had stayed in Venezuela and never left on his grand Columbia campaign, would he have been rewarded with a happy productive life as a statesman. Or would he have pined for the military life. But this be banish from the whole continent seems extreme. I am sorry he never made Europe if that was his intention. Who knows what kind of young folks he could have inspired had he arrived. Well so long to the Liberator. It's been fascinating getting to here about your life, times and passions. It would be interesting to know how history is taught for these nations and how The Great Liberator comes across in those lessons. Is he a hero, or a monster? Most loyal or a betrayer? I guess it all comes down to perspective. Mike has given us one perspective. So I guess I'll go along with that until I hear something better.


Someone above commented that your tone of voice was different somehow. I hadn't heard that sad note since THoR (particularly when you described the fall of Diocletian and the Tetrarchy). Now that I think about it, probably not too far off.


Thank you for all your hard work Mike! I've been a long time listener since the days of the Republic back in THOR, but I was a bit sceptical when you announced your next podcast is going to be about revolutions. Was I proved wrong! I love Revolutions! I learned a lot about topics I had very little knowledge about prior to your podcast (i.e. Haiti and Bolivar) and I can't wait for more! I wonder if you're planning to go all the way till the end of the 20th century with the 1989 anti-communist revolutions or if you're going to stop with the Russian revolution? Oh, and I'm looking forward to reading your book!

PS: If anybody is interested in the continuation of the story of the Roman Empire, I very strongly recommend The History of Byzantium Podcast.


Thank you so much for enlightening me on an aspect of my hemisphere's history that I never really looked into very closely.


Another great podcast! I am always impressed by how you thread the story together.

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