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29 January 2017


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Mauricio Meza

I just listened to chapter 22 and i want to say a couple of things about the city of Pasto that is mentioned a lot in that episode, Im from that city in Colombia and the campaigns of Boves and Agualongo are regarded as heroic against Sucre and Bolivar who are seen as murderers due to the sacking of the city.

Pastusos are still proud of their royalist position during the war of independence at the point that in the town square there is a statue of Antonio Nariño (The first guy who tried to capture the city) that is currently dirty and has graffiti that says something like
"Nariño is a murderer, Agualongo is our hero" and "Agualongo must have a statue here".

I really love the podcast and the work you put into the research is amazing (even if sometimes you butcher the names of the protagonists) Thanks for telling great forgotten stories like these and i send my regards from Colombia


Have you read 'The General In his Labyrinth', by Gabriel Garcia Marquez? It may be relevant.

As ever, the podcast is amazing and gets me through the week. I've been listening since, oh, around the death of Julian back in THOR days - and you are peerless. Thanks for all the listening.

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