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11 December 2016


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Shane Doherty

I subdivide your podcasts on my computer by Chapter and Name, and it's pretty funny that I'll have "3 - France" and now "6 - France" as well. Or maybe it should be "July"? :P

Frank Gulla

Another excellent episode. You do set the standard for historical podcasts. I am eager to wrap-up Bolivar, truly an epic saga. Eagerly anticipating the 1830 and 1840 revolutions, the appearance of Karl Marx and other intellectuals. Probably some talk about unease which leads to WWI. Great fun in the future.

On a separate thought, any tours in the future?

Long time follower and supporter,
Frank Gulla


Thanks for doing this, other than the existence of this guy named Bolivar, I didn't know any of this, so this has been a real treat. Look forward to 1830 and 1848.


I know that Francisco de Miranda allegedly created the Lautaro Lodge, of which San Martín was a prominent member, but did they ever meet in person? I almost expected Miranda to show up in London when the Liberator went there, purely out of habit, but then I remembered his death in 1816.

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