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14 November 2016


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Great episode! Being Argentine, I learnt most of the material covered in this episode at school... they skipped the bit about the opium addiction though!

I wish you could do a supplemental on Hippolyte Bouchard, the French-born privateer who sailed under the Argentine flag all around the world, attacking the Spanish everywhere from Manila to California. Some really crazy stories there.

Mike Quinn

Really enjoying this Mike... part of history that here in Australia we don't ever study! also looking forward to hearing the new supplementals for the History of Rome from the fundraiser.

Just wondering whether you will be releasing the transcript book on Amazon from the first 40 odd episodes? Currently doesn't seem to be available and I like to get a copy from my dad sometime (constantly have to transfer the podcast to CD so he can listen to it)


Great podcast as usual, but I'd quibble about episode 5.19 in which you claim that Jose de San Martin was "zonked" on opium.
I've provided medical care to a lot with narcotics addicts over the years and can tell you that long-term opiate addicts are not getting high. They're really just staving off withdrawal symptoms, especially in the case of a laudanum addict like San Martin. Long term opiate addiction is, in fact, entirely consistent with good health, clear thinking, and a productive career, provided you can get a safe, assured supply.
William Halstead, the father of American Surgery, for example, was addicted to opium for most of his incredibly productive, innovative career. More than once his friends shanghaied him on to a ship sailing off to detox him. He would always return, clean and sober, return to work, and return to his addiction.
Not saying it's a good thing to be an addict, but it didn't seem to get in San Martin's way.


I just bought The History of Rome Appendix.
I would buy t"The Storm Before The Storm" Kindle edition to but the link you posted doesn't work for me and I can't find it on Amazon search. Is it really not there or is it blocking me because I am in New Zealand?

Also: New Zealand land Wars and King Movement.

Carlos Sevilla

Hey Mike,
I was wondering if I could ask you a small question about some of the research you do for these series on the Latin American Revolutions.

Listening to your Podcast I became intricately interested in the Phenomenon of Boves and the Legions of Hell and after much pestering (a time interval which passed between you uploading that episode and this one) I am now starting some research to write a paper about Boves himself. Its not a very serious paper, not a thesis or anything, but information on him is seems scarce and I was hoping you might have some advise as to something I might have missed.

hopefully, you can think of something. Thanks.

P.S Love the show. Its been my bread and butter all semester long. Random fact, I was actually listening to the Legions of Hell Episode on my birthday and since I was so fascinated by Boves, I looked him up. The first thing I found out about him is that we actually share a birthday...


Great episode as always, Mike;
Just a (very minor) nitpick: at 4:40 you mention how next episode will be about Alexander Cochrane, who as far as I can tell is the uncle of Thomas Cochrane of South American Independence fame. This isn't a big deal as you mention him by the correct name later on in the episode, but I thought you might like to know it.

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