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24 October 2016


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Jason Crawford

I swung by to see that book on Poyais. I've looked through Google but can't seem to find it. Thanks for all the great shows!

Dan Lee

I think this is it, Jason:



"As there are perhaps few countries under the tropics, so little troubled by these disagreeable insects [mosquitos]" McGregor was a real piece of work.


Have you thought about doing any non-Western revolutions? Like the Meiji Restoration or the Chinese Civil War? I think the Meiji Restoration would make an excellent subject, because unlike all these other revolutions, it was explicitly right-wing and reactionary from the very beginning, and it led to Meiji completely remaking Japanese society. And then that would lead really well into the Chinese Civil War, which features two ideologically opposed - yet mutually anti-conservative - revolutionary movements duking it out for decades, much of which took place under Japanese occupation. And it was WWII that tipped the balance in favor of the Maoists and destroyed the Japanese Imperial system.


Perhaps you can sell framed land deeds or bond certificates for Poyais as part of the fundraiser.


I'm not even sure how to process this story. If this man were alive in 2016, he'd be President.

Gregor MacGregor 2020, anyone?

Neil Hughes

Fantastic podcast on an amazing character. I also suggest a supplemental on Sir Thomas Cochrane. He had a big part to play in Chilean independence IIRC. A very interesting character.


Wow, I cannot believe he got away with all that, what a charlatan! You tell a great story, Mike, thoroughly enjoyed that little diversion. And lol Eric!

Rene Borbon

Great show Mike. Looking forward to more to come in the near future, including supplementals.

Samuel Millerick

This guy was a right nasty piece of work. And he got away with it all? I second the comments above about the Meiji restoration. It would be fascinating to hear your take on it.


Covering the Meiji Restoration would be super interesting.

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