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18 September 2016


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Habib Fanny

Finally! Páez!
Mike, you're one of the best things in my life! =)

Oliver Gokgoz

how many more episodes can you expect on the Spanish American Revolution? Loving every one of them.. I just need closure!!!


Fundraiser! Does that mean new shirts? Cos I need more shorts!

Sebastian Paez

Thank you for talking about my ancestor. It's nice to know I'm descended from such a badass and that every legend I've heard of him holds water. Thank you on behalf of the Paez family.


Still the best history podcast out there!

darin smith

Nah, the History of Rome is better. Now that guys is good!


Loved the story of the cavalry charge on the boats. Surprised the piranhas didn't eat them....


These llaneros and their unconventional battle tactics are engaging my 7th grader in Latin American history like nothing ever before. I owe you many beers of thanks.

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