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04 September 2016


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David Campos

I didn't like the French revolution without maps. Now you have Spanish named cities in Spain and Spanish named cities all over South America and you want us to move back and forth with you. You are loosing me. You should consider a map with every episode. A few hand drawn but mostly ready made. Make it easy on yourself.


I came here to look for maps, but I don't mind looking it up myself.


Thought you guys did really well telling this story, I was fully engaged & can't wait for next weeks episode, keep up the good work 👍

Colm Doyle

re the "English Deserter" who founded the Argentine Navy

I'm pretty sure you're referring to the Irishman Admiral William Brown, founding father of the Argentine navy. His incredibly illustrious career deserves more than an incorrect anonymous throwaway!!!


I just want to state that San Martin's campaign crossing the Andes and fighting two decisive battles is one of the greatest military achievements of the XIX century. It's something in a scale not even Hannibal managed to do, the Andes are far taller and more treacherous than the Alps. I hope you'll tell that story too. Though Bolivar was a great inspirational leader, San Martín was by far the greatest military commander and strategist of the southamerican independence. It is something not very well known because it happened in soithamerica, but from the military stanpoint, is just a masterpiece rarely equalled.

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