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21 August 2016


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this is beginning to sound like the 30 years war.

Jose Antonio Zerda

Love this podcast and your previous history of Rome ! Wish my required history of Venezuela class back in my school in Caracas had shown me all these interesting details and protraited Bolivar and precursors as real people , happy to discover now how much I like history of the country I was born ! Thanks !


This is really old news, but I just discovered you last month and comments are long since closed on the relevant post. In 3.23, if I recall correctly, you said something to the effect of Lafayette's revolutionary career ending with his flight to Austria. I figured you'd circle back around when you got to Napoleon securing his release, but since you didn't: ol' Gilbert couldn't keep out of trouble, though he did keep his head down during the consular and imperial years. He openly called for Napoleon's abdication after Waterloo, was tangentially involved in the Restoration, and was more than slightly involved in the revolution of 1830.

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