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14 August 2016


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Curacao is not said the way you did in the broadcast. You need to look it up. For one thing, the "c" at the end is said like as "s".


Sorry to be a pronunciation pedant but Tobago is pronounced To-bay-go, not To-bah-go.


Curaçao is pronounced in English more or less like "Cure a sow" (the female pig). The cedilla under the second "c" turns it into an "s" sound.


I tried to download the new version from your RSS feed: I get "file not found".


I find it fascinating how the militia under Bolivar could smash the Royalist troops to such a degree. The tables turn so quickly! To think that most of us may never understand how intimidation and moral may have such an effect. I guess we are the lucky ones...


For the record the reason Curaçao is pronounced with an s sound for the second c is the accent circumflex on that letter. Just a nit, still my favorite podcast... or at least my favorite since The History of Rome :-)

Chris the podcaster

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