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24 July 2016


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Rene Borbon

Mike: thoroughly enjoying the series and the details you bring in illuminating the history that occurred in Spain, France, and in the Americas. Hopefully we'll get to hear more about Mexico.


Thanks once again for keeping the several threads distinct and coherent, while still letting us know how one affected the other.

Matty Cee

Another delay?! Noooooooo! :)

Just kidding. Mike you do amazing work and have certainly rekindled a love for history in me. Been listening since the Roman days and while I've never commented, I wanted to let you know how great a job you're doing and how it's quite evident it both taxes you and absolutely elated you (in unequal measure).

Keep it up. Can't wait until you get back!

Matty C


Will The Storm Before the Storm be on Audible, and will it be narrated by you?

darin smith

literally no one could do it better.

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