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10 July 2016


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Hi Marc outstanding job again! Following you since the first HofR. A little but meaningful correction, José de San Martín was not born in Buenos Aires, but in the province of Corrientes, where weather is much like in the Everglades´ Florida. He was probably the son of a wealthy officer who never claimed fatherhood, and a mestiza or even indigenous woman; in any case the father took financial care of José and you know the rest of the story. He died in France, Boulogne-Sur-Mer, as did many of our beloved and true patriots.


and... I should´ve said Mike and not Marc, apologies...


Hi, Mike!

I'm loving this series. The Columbian and Haitian revolutions are never included in any modern history courses I've done, so it's good to finally get into the details of these underappreciated events.

Any news on The Storm before the Storm? How's progress? Any idea when we might expect a release?

Also, I heard that Extra Credits reached out to you for your series on the Gracchi, are you going to be involved in that now?


Hi Mike, just got my copy of the HofRomeVol.1. Thanks for putting in print ( I had been following your podcasts since episode 8 of the HoR ). Looking forward to the remaining volumes. I had my reservations whether you could make the underappreciated American revolutions of Haiti and South America work, but I must say that you have made their histories very enjoyable and educational. Fantastic balance between being infomative and entertaining...Stephen of Toronto

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