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03 July 2016


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Luis Hartmann R.

Very nice episode Mike. Very extensive research work.
Liked !!


I just noticed the banner has been updated to say "Next: 1848". I'm so glad you're taking a look at that time!


Can't believe you're passing all the good stuff happening at the same time in Mexico! It is a much more complex and advanced society than Venezuela at the time and the build-up of tensions is fascinating there. I recommend to all those interested to have a look at the fantastic book by Carlos Marichal, Bankruptcy of Empire. It is a tad bit technical but some of the chapters are just jaw-droppingly fascinating, specially the one when Napoleon sucks dry the Spanish Empire leading directly to the fall-out between the Spanish government and the clergy in Mexico which in turn just melts the power of the viceroyalty to administer the territory.
Still... nice episode. Keep up the good work!


Ben, he explains his position on Mexico in the intro episode.

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