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26 June 2016


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Sam Routhier

Great episode! You mention a document that became the manifesto for the Latin American independence movements, citing that all they had to do was cut the bonds of the Spanish mother country. Could you email me with the name of the document and a link to the full text?

Jackson O'Brien

@Sam : the document in question is "Letter To The Spanish Americans" by Juan Pablo Vizcardo y Guzmán. It can be found inside this book https://archive.org/details/presentstateofsp02walt in English as Appendix D, starting on page 326


Not sure why there aren't more comments. I'm re-listening to THOR and those episodes are chock full of comments. I find this revolution fascinating since I grew up in Venezuela, but really never knew much about Simon Bolivar other than that he was the liberator.

darin smith

most likely because we don't know enough to comment. In comparison Rome is easy. No disrespect meant. We are learning as we go.

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