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19 June 2016


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Tabula Rasa

Typo, Mike. Should be spelled "precursors" with an o.

Shane Doherty

The Harry's advert is out of date, talking about a special deal that expired on the 9th of June


On Francisco de Miranda. Another interesting fact about his perils in France: How come his name ended engraved in the Arch of Triumph that was commissioned in 1806 after the victory at Austerlitz by Emperor Napoleon.

Aaron Olson

10 points for your closing joke. Thank you.

Thomas Cole

Great work! It must have been enjoyable putting the Miranda story together. Thanks to previous commenter for adding another nugget.

Eduardo Vázquez Fernández

Are Miranda's diaries published? Amazing life.


Wow, Miranda just rocketed to the top of the list of "that guy had a CRAZY life" historical figures. Quick question: you mentioned that he made the acquaintance of Alexandre Petion in Paris when he was hanging out with Brissot and the Girondins. Should that have been Jerome Petion or am I overthinking this?

Also, would Miranda have a seat at your hypothetical dinner with Talleyrand and Hume?

Todd Carter

Quick question: Did Francisco de Miranda ever meet Talleyrand?

In the litany of meetings from the podcast, I couldn't help but notice there was no Talleyrand.

I'm really enjoying the series, btw. So, keep up the good work!


This has to be asked - did Miranda also meet the Other Guy?


Actually, what if Miranda WAS the Other Guy? He had a lot of pseudonyms, and if Other Guy's name was a pseudonym it would explain why you can't find any more information on him. And he was one of Brissot's inner circle...

Yay for Other Guy conspiracy theories!

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