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03 April 2016


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I could be totally wrong here, but wasn't it Robert Livingston who helped to negotiate the Louisana Purchase? Maybe I'm getting my Livingstons confused. Thanks for another great podcast Mike!


Was the "sulfur within the ships" the first confirmed use of gas chambers as a method of mass execution? Wikipedia says this claim is controversial but offers very little in the way of substantiation one way or the other.

Shane Doherty

This question would probably have been more thematically appropriate last week, but I shall proceed: I get Napoleon's endgoal of a French Gulf of Mexico with Saint-Domingue pumping out $Sugar and $Coffee - $Texas not yet being a thing - but why did he decide that re-enslavement was the best approach for this? Was he philosophically aligned with the Big Whites, was his natural conservatism directing him to the "Ancien" societal order of the colonies, did other conservatives successfully persuade him, or was it just a pragmatic decision either to win conservative elements over to the Consulate or just about maximising the profit margins of the island? His hindsight is definitely 20/20, but I'm curious about his foresight surrounding this decision.


Big fan of the podcast and I'm not a big stickler for pronouncing names in foreign languages, but "Sans Souci" stuck out because it's also the name of Frederick the Great's palace in Germany. "Souci" is pronounced "Sousee", not "Soukee".

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