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27 March 2016


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Mark Sweeney

Interesting stuff, Leclerc's trajectory reminded me of Kurtz from Heart of Darkness/Apocalypse Now


Damn. There's some cultural trauma for you.


I know the Yellow Fever was well documented, but I have always been suspicious of the numbers. It has to be pretty embarrassing to be out strategized by an army commanded by former African slaves.


Off topic but Mike will be pleased to know: Palmyra has been liberated from ISIS.

Victoria Vaughn

Thank you so much for this podcast. I've learned so much about history, people, politics, and human nature listening to this whole show; but I have especially enjoyed series 4 (season? section? chapter?) on Saint-Domingue.

I had heard once or twice of the Haitian Revolution before and knew it had been colonized/occupied by France at some point, but that's pretty much all I knew coming in.

You present the history in a thoughtful and compelling manner. I nearly cried while listening to you recount Toussaint Louverture's death. And today listening to episode 4.16, even though you've been saying that Leclerc would not last long, when you got to the final moment, I felt so sad.

Thank you for Revolutions and a job well done.

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