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06 March 2016


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Is there any indication as to why Touisannt's representatives were so successful arguing his case to the Directory/Bonaparte? Is it simply that the metropol knew what the score was and was simply trying to placate Touissant while they dealt with greater crisis or had the critics of Touissant made themselves so suspect that their very real identification of Touissant as a rising threat was ignored as trouble making for example the white planter delegates in the council of 500?

Devon Delgado

Hey Mike I don't know if you are taking requests for future revolutions to cover on the podcast. If you are I would like to request ether the revolution that led to the downfall of the Russan Czars and/or the string of revolutions that led from the Chinese Empire to the republic of China to the People's Republic of China. Whatever the case I look forward to whatever you will be covering after Haiti.

darin smith

Mike will do ANY revolution you want.......for a price

Devon Delgado

I'm a bit strapped for cash at the moment, does anyone know if he deals in souls?


IIRC, both the Russian and Chinese revolutions are already on the revolutionary menu, so I'm pretty sure you're safe from signing any contracts in blood.

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